Teamsters at King County -

With the vaccine mandates rolling out for workers in the public sector, we consider requiring workers to be vaccinated a change in working conditions, which is a mandatory subject of bargaining.

Therefore, the King County Coalition of Unions has issued a demand to bargain over the decision and effects of requiring King County workers to be fully vaccinated by October 18, 2021.

Click here to review the demand to bargain document.

Workers have a right to a safe workplace, and we are supportive of employers incentivizing and facilitating access to vaccines in the interest of public health. We will be working with the County to make sure individual rights of workers are protected while we work to achieve our shared goals of public health and employment security.


The Coalition of Unions continues to bargain biweekly over a successor agreement to the Master Labor Agreement. We have secured healthcare coverage through the biennium with no out-of-pocket premiums, and we have had success on the recent childcare subsidy in addition to reaching tentative agreements on a number of leave provisions, professional development and training pay.

The parties are still negotiating over the economic provisions of the contract. Labor continues to prioritize competitive general wage increases, telework/stipends, flex schedules and hazard pay, among other items identified by our membership. We are also negotiating over the Teamsters 117 Appendices which represent the unique needs of individual bargaining units.