If you ask a credential specialist at SeaTac Airport whether the Janus v. AFSCME case will threaten their union’s strength, they would chuckle and shake their head. Not on their watch.

Se espera que esta decisión de la Corte Suprema de EE.UU. caiga en cualquier momento entre ahora y finales de junio y establezca restricciones a la libertad y unidad de los trabajadores. Sin embargo, este intrépido grupo que trabaja en el entresuelo del aeropuerto SeaTac y se encarga de la tarea de garantizar la fiabilidad de los empleados del aeropuerto ya ha tomado su decisión.

"We will remain union members. We refuse to be divided."

“We will remain union members. We refuse to be divided,” said Maryanne Davis who has worked at the airport for over 18 years.

The credential specialists have fought hard for their current wages and benefits. Many of them remember when their entire group was fired several years ago and stayed out of work for months. They persevered until everyone was reinstated. This diverse group knows how important every person is to the security of the team, so every member has committed to remain a Teamster regardless of the Supreme Court ruling.

Now they are the middle of contract negotiations and Marilee Fisher, who is a shop steward and part of the negotiations committee, shared her opinion. “I believe in my union. I will always be a union supporter. As unions fight for better wages and better conditions, workers’ lives and pay improve even in non-union workplaces. If it weren’t for the unions, we would have no middle class.”