What does your ideal community look like? This was the question posed at last night's membership meeting. For one Teamster, an ice cream dispensary was an important compenent. Another deemed White Castle as essential.

In addition to these creature comforts, many named a Union hall, preferably Teamsters 117. Good paying jobs and thriving small businesses also came into play.

Most built consensus around the need for sound public services and infrastructure - things like parks, schools, playgrounds, healthcare facilities, libraries, public transportation, community centers, and community gardens. Affordable housing was also at the top of the list as was the need for easy access to healthy food, clean air, and safe streets. Of course, love, kindness, inclusivity, neighborliness, equality for all, and other value-based ideas were mentioned as well.

Members showcased their artistic talents, drawing representations of their ideas on butcher paper. 


It was an uplifting activity, one that reminded us we have much more in common than we might think. This point is especially salient now with an election on the horizon where toxic hay will be made over our differences.  

As Teamsters, we share a vision of a world with good jobs, healthy communities, and affordable public services. 

So when the November election heats up and the campaigns start hurling insults, let's not let it divide us. Instead, let's keep in mind the ideal communities we have imagined and strive to build them together.