We showed our Union colors with power, flowers, and flair!

Womxn's Conference photos here!

For our labor movement to thrive, we need all sorts. We need people who cultivate and nourish and those who are the spark and lead us to action. 

On Saturday, both essential types - growers and igniters - gathered together in one beautiful space for our Teamsters Womxn's Conference at the Tukwila Union hall. 

(But, wait, not sure which type you are - a grower or an igniter? Take our quick quiz here.)

The event, organized by our Union's Womxn's Committee, was an inspiration of personal testimony, informative workshops, art, dance, music, and above all powerful union sisterhood.

Our keynote speaker, April Sims, brought down the house with her moving address to the members. April is the first woman to be elected president of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, and the first Black woman elected to the presidency of an AFL-CIO state federation.


WSLC, AFL-CIO President April Sims inspired with a moving address to the members.

Afterwards, attendees soaked in the scintillating artwork displayed around the room before heading off to breakout workshops with topics like advancing equity, union rights at work, self-defense, and celestial healing.

All art shown at the event was created and donated by members of Teamsters 117 and community supporters. With our art auction, we were able to raise over $3000 to benefit the Jayme Biendl Working Womxn scholarship.

Thank you to an amazing team!

Shout out to our incredible Womxn's Committee for all of their creativity, boundless energy, and hard work in organizing such a fantastic event.

Many thanks also to our excellent presenters - Cheryl Miller, Joanne Factor, Maria Williams, Guillermo Mogollan, Scott Clifthorne, and Jill Reese - for engaging, educating, and inspiring in the workshops.

Our lunch panel discussion was fire, with powerful testimony from Amy Duncan, Katie Garrow, Sam Kantak, Patrice Tisdale, and Brenda Wiest. Huge props also to Jasmyne Sims for riffing through her beautiful spoken word poetry to close us out. 

Special thanks again to April Sims and Secretary-Treasurer John Scearcy for leading us with passion, honesty, and grit. Appreciate you!